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Inadequate Lighting Accidents : RI Inadequate Lighting Accident LAWYER

Inadequate Lighting as Accidents cause Owning or maintaining a property in Rhode Island brings with it heavy responsibilities to make sure the area remains free of hazards. Individuals in charge of the property in Providence, Warwick and Woonsoket must take reasonable measures to keep a premises well lit to ensure the public’s safety and minimize any potential risk. Replacing a broken light bulb or illuminating a stairwell can be the difference between providing a safe pathway and suffering a serious injury in a catastrophic fall.


Failure of Business to provide adequate lighting

Businesses and property owners in Cranston, Lincoln, Central Falls and Cumberland who fail to provide adequate lighting open themselves up to civil premises liability lawsuits in Providence Superior Court and claims for compensation by injured victims. In addition, poorly lit areas provide criminals the opportunity to commit assault, robbery and battery. Because of that, it is essential that those in charge of the premises ensure that the area has sufficient lighting in garages, parking lots, walkways, hallways and entryways.

Breach of Duty- inadequate lighting

Serious inadequate lighting problems on a commercial or residential property in Rhode Island and Providence Plantations can be seen as a negligent breach of duty by those who have a responsibility to maintain the premises. Insufficient lighting can cause a variety of injuries that occur from:

• A trip, slip or fall on uneven or slippery surfaces
• Tumbling down the stairway or stairwell
• Bumping into objects
• Traffic accidents happening in darkened parking lots
• Creating an opportunistic criminal environment in a RI parking lot, stairwell or darkened area in the building that causes harm, injury or death others

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Hazardous Premises Liability and Slip and Fall in Rhode Island

By Rhode Island premises liability law, property owners, site managers, landlords and others are duty bound to maintain their premises to ensure that every visitor has minimal risk to injury. When hurt by the negligence of another, the victim can file a premises liability lawsuit or claim for compensation against every party directly at fault for the incident. However, obtaining compensation for inadequate lighting is complicated to litigate in Rhode Island Newport Superior Court. Because of that, many victims will hire a Rhode Island personal injury lawyer who specializes in these types of cases.

A skilled RI personal injury attorney working on behalf of the victim will develop a claim for compensation based on hazardous premises liability tort laws by building the case on:

• Poor Design – The Rhode Island personal injury attorney might be able to prove that the property as a poor design that creates a serious lighting issue in specific areas. These might include overhangs or awnings that block light or cast shadows on walkways and steps, increasing the potential of a serious slip and fall accident.

• Broken Light Bulbs – The Providence injury lawyer might be able to prove that a light bulb was burned out or a light was malfunctioning at the time of the accident that led to a hazardous situation for individuals visiting, renting or occupying the property when the incident occurred.

• A Lack of Maintenance – The North providence, Barrington, Bristol or Warren law firm working on behalf of the victim might be able to prove that the property suffered a lack of sufficient maintenance where accumulated trash, rubble or other items in a darkened area produced a hazardous situation. Inattention to the property’s lighting might prove a legal case of negligence and provide a substantial foundation when seeking compensation in the premises liability lawsuit.

Any spill liquids, obscured lighting, poor lighting or low lit areas can create a serious problem in Johnston, East Greenwich, Woonsocket and Jamestown.

Filing a Claim for Compensation in Kent County Superior Court

If you have suffered serious injuries due to inadequate lighting on another’s property in Rhode Island, you likely have the legal right to file a slip and fall premises liability claim or lawsuit against every party at fault. In order to file a successful poor lighting claim for compensation, your damages and losses must be directly caused by the negligence of another, which could be the property manager, business owners or homeowner.

If your injuries were caused by the intentional, reckless or malicious misconduct of another who did not provide prudent care of the property, you likely have sufficient grounds for a premises liability claim. Your hired Providence premises liability attorneys or RI Slip and fall lawyers will seek sufficient compensation to pay for your medical bills, hospitalization, physical therapy, pain and suffering, rehabilitation and time away from work (lost wages) along with pain and suffering.

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