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RI Bicycle Accident Attorney

Bicycle accident attorney RI

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Bikes colliding with cars and trucks in Rhode Island are rare but accidents involving bikes and bicycles can happen anytime and anywhere in RI. When the accident happens, and if you are riding the bike, the first thing to do is to wait for the police to arrive so as to make sure the incident report is filed. Some cyclists neglect the consequences of minor injuries or may not realize that they are in danger unless their injuries turn into something serious. If you leave the scene or do not call the police, you may never be able to recover the damage for your health and the bike.

 RI bicycle accident attorney

Secondly, never try to negotiate with the party involved in the accident in terms of monetary compensation. Many drivers take the full responsibility for causing the accident and then deny the allegations in court. Instead, let the police do the required inquiry and document everything. Your version of accident is more important in the report. Sometimes, the police may neglect the cyclist and hear only the version of the automobile driver involved. Report your injuries even if they are minor. Make sure that you obtain the information of the car driver, license number and insurance information when the accident takes place. Make sure you get the information of any witnesses present. Sometimes, this information may not be included in the Rhode Island Car accident Police report.

Bicycle accident injuries in RI

Finally, hire a Rhode Island bicycle accident lawyer to represent you in the complex process of being compensated for your injuries. A Rhode Island bicycle injury lawyer may come handy because they are the ones who handle most bike accident cases. A lawyer knows what to do after the Providence Bicycle Accident, The East providence Personal Injury Attorney will advise you on legal implications of certain actions and help you negotiate with the insurance Liability companies. Most Importantly, the accident attorney will represents you attempting to settle the bike accident case or litigate it.

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 RI bicycle accident attorney will fight insurance company

Anything you state to the insurance companies may be recorded and used as an evidence against you, hence consult a personal Injury lawyer before talking to an insurance company representative. Most accident cases involving a bike or a bicycle can be settled without the need for a trial. A letter from the lawyer to the insurance company is a good start in obtaining compensation. If you file a lawsuit in Rhode Island Superior Court, the RI bicycle accident attorney may retain an accident expert to investigate the incident. The experts can establish the auto driver’s fault by measuring the skid marks, taking photographs of the scene and getting information from witnesses present during the accident.

Newport bicycle accident in RI

“(PROVIDENCE, RI) The Newport cycling community is responding to a recent car and bike accident that sent a cyclist to the hospital. The incident has intensified efforts to promote safe cycling.  The sad part is that Eddy Gomez was doing everything right. He had LED safety lights on the back of his bicycle. He rode in the right direction on West Main Road in Newport. But the Executive Director of Bike Newport, Bari George, says there is nothing much you can do when someone suspected of drunken driving strikes you from behind with their Mazda 3 sedan.”

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