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Rotator Cuff Slip and Fall Injury
Rotator cuff injury

A loss of balance, slip or fall, or uncontrollable trip that causes the victim to hit the ground hard can cause serious rotator cuff injuries that limit range of motion and cause substantial pain. In many incidences, a rotator cuff injury makes it challenging to manage most of life’s daily activities and occupational demands.

Rotator Cuff Injury

An injury to the shoulder and rotator cuff can happen in various situations outside of the home, including at a construction accident where a worker loses their footing and takes a direct impact to the arm or shoulder. In other situations, truck drivers and delivery drivers strain their neck, shoulder and back muscles when pulling or lifting heavy objects during the loading and unloading of a truck.

Serious damage to the rotator cuff

Many times, serious damage to the rotator cuff requires extensive surgery along with months of rehabilitative and physical therapies. Even when treatment is not necessary, many injured individuals still experienced substantial intense pain that causes an incapacity to handle day-to-day routines.

Rotator Cuff Injury in Rhode Island

The rotator cuff that builds the shoulder joint is formed by groups of muscles and tendons that provide support to the upper arm bone that is held in place by the shoulder’s shallow socket. A minor injury to the rotator cuff often produces a dull aching pain in the shoulder area that tends to worsen when sleeping on the impacted side.

Extensive inflammation and a complete tearing

Severe injuries can include extensive inflammation and a complete tearing of the tissue holding the joint firmly in place. Other common symptoms that arise from the damaged rotator cuff include:

• Fluid accumulation inside the joint caused by limited movement due to inflammation.
• Extensive spasm and pain that limits the shoulder’s range of motion.
• Calcium deposits and arthritis that develop over time because of the shoulder’s limited range of motion.
• The muscles’ limited capacity to make necessary small adjustments inside the joint that allows smooth movement of the humeral head.

Most rotator cuff tears occur when the victim falls on their shoulder, lifts heavy weights, or uses an arm or hand to break their fall.

Premises Liability Cases in Providence

Nearly every premises liability and slip and fall case in Rhode Island and Providence Plantations is built on negligence, when someone in charge of maintaining safety on the property acted negligently, carelessly or recklessly in a way that led to the accident with injuries. If the incident was caused by the property owner, manager, supervisor or employee, the victim is likely entitled to file a RI premises liability claim or lawsuit to receive financial compensation.

Cases are difficult to litigate

However, these types of cases are difficult to litigate and require the victim to prove how every party at fault is directly responsible for the accident with injuries. Because of that, the injured individual will often seek legal counsel and advice of a reputable Rhode Island personal injury attorney or RI Slip & Fall Lawyer who handles premises liability claims. The Providence slip and fall lawyer can determine the value of the injury case and use effective proven strategies to obtain financial recompense to cover the victim’s medical expenses, lost earnings, financial out-of-pocket expenses, pain, suffering and mental anxiety.

Filing a Lawsuit in Providence Superior Court 

If you, or a loved one, suffers a serious shoulder injury caused by an accident or incident on another’s property, you need to consider filing a lawsuit or claim for compensation. A RI negligence attorney can help you obtain recompense and handle every aspect of the case. Common premises liability cases in Rhode Island with rotator cuff injuries handled by personal injury lawyers involve:

• Slippery and snow-packed surfaces on un shoveled sidewalks at commercial establishments.
• Slips and trips on parking lot ice.
• Shoulder injuries caused by falling through unguarded stairwells.
• Serious shoulder damage caused by tripping over uneven surfaces.
• Major shoulder joint damaged caused by slippery entryways into retail stores and commercial office buildings.

These types of cases are typically accepted on contingency to avoid the need to pay the Warwick, Cranston or East Providence slip and fall Injury attorney upfront fees for their services. The Cumberland, Pawtucket, or Woonsocket slip and fall lawyers will negotiate a settlement with the claims adjuster, or build the case to present the evidence in front of a judge and jury at trial.

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