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IVC filters work fine in most of the cases to prevent the blood clot that can cause critical issues. To deal with failure, every country has got its own laws. In most cases, the lawsuit helps you only when the condition gets out of control. IVC filters are medical devices actually very small, cage-similar devices that are inserted into the inferior vena cava to capture blood clots making the blood flow smooth.

IVC filter lawsuits
IVC filter lawyer

IVC Filter lawsuit

If you have no idea about vena cava; it is a vein that carries deoxygenated blood from the lower half of the body to the right atrium of the heart. Inferior vena cava can cause severe damage to the functioning of the human body by allowing blood to reach the lungs. IVC filters are good and most of the times safe option to stop critical situations from happening. The guide will teach you the things to consider before filing an IVC Filter lawsuit:

First things first, what exactly is an IVC Filter?

Inferior Vena Cava filter is a cage-shaped layer which is designed to be implanted permanently in the body. The function is to stop the blood flow to lungs so that blood clots are minimized.

TOP Complications of IVC Filter Failure:

The research-based study helped in compiling the list:

#1. IVC filter migration

In severe cases, IVC filter migration is the symptom of failure. In migration, the IVC filter migrates from the vena cava position causing the blood to reach the lungs and the clots formation starts.

#2. Pulmonary embolism

PE is a blockage of an artery in the lungs by a substance (IVC filter this time) that has moved from the position through the bloodstream.Symptoms of PE are:

#3. Respiratory distress

It is the condition when the lungs are filled with the fluid and inflammatory cells. Respiratory distress is a sign of IVC filter surgery not going in the right direction.

#4. Perforation of tissues, vessels, and organs:

Small holes or perforations in tissues, vessels, and organs are a complication to IVC filter. In this situation, severe pain in the inner body parts i.e., lungs and nearby organs are observed.

#5. Heart Failure

If the complications go high, heart failure is observed. Fluid buildup in several organs turns out to heart failure. This complication occurs in severe cases if the measurements are not taken from the day IVC filter implantation.

#6. The development of blood clots:

As stated earlier, the fluid buildup in the lungs starts to produce clots and those clots stop the blood flow. Blood clots cause heart failure and if no measures are taken, death occurs.

Reasons for the IVC Filter Failure:

#1. inexperienced surgeon staff

Not only in the IVC filter case, but care should also be taken choosing the surgeon in every case. IVC filter has become common due to growing diseases. Choosing an inexperienced surgeon  who may be more likely to commit medical malpractice, is one of the reasons behind the failure. Choose the most experienced one.

#2. Defective usage of material(s)

In the IVC filter, various apparatus is used to make sure the filter is placed in the right place. If the medical device apparatus is defective or causes inaccuracy during the implantation, complications would occur.

#3. Not taking the common symptoms on time

Not only in infections, if the action is not taken on time; you lose a lot. If the common or early symptoms are not taken seriously, the filter will not work for safety. It will start causing severe situations later.

Avoidance of IVC Filter Failure:

IVC Filter fails in different conditions but can be avoided. There is a quotation which states if the measures are taken on time, time seems a blessing. With this statement, avoidance can be initiated. If you’re diagnosed with an inferior vena cava, get ready for the IVC filter. Find an experienced and certified surgeon in town, find out the success rate of his/her operates and go for it. If by the stroke of fortune, symptoms for the failure appear. Don’t wait, consult the surgeon as soon as possible.

Time for filing an IVC Filter Lawsuit?

If the complications don’t stop after the consultation and measures taken. There are still options left if you’ve got savings. You can get your lung cleaned up and IVC filter re-implanted. This would cost you a lot but can minimize the infections and complications for sure. If you’ve spent all of your savings and have no insurance plan, you should go for an IVC Filter lawsuit. Drugwatcher can help you in filing a lawsuit against IVC Filter failure.

What you need to know before filing an IVC Filter lawsuit

In most of the implantations and surgeries, the measures have to be taken timely. The inner human body parts are very sensitive and need extra care. Implantations like IVC filter needs extra care too. If any of its symptoms occur, timely get it fixed after the consultation from someone who’s experienced and certified about it. If you are looking for a mesothelioma lawsuit lawyer, contact us.

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