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There are significant differences between SSI (Supplemental Security Income) and SSDI (Social Security Disability) programs. Both programs are managed by the Social Security Administration. Both programs provide a cash benefit to disabled individuals. If you are looking to see if you qualify for social security disability benefits in Rhode Island, contact a Rhode Island SSDI lawyer. A social security ri lawyer who is well versed in social security benefits in ri  will help you get the benefits you are entitled to.

SSI & SSDI Disability Benefits
What is the difference between ssi and  SSDI disability

Each program has specific financial requirements for eligibility. Many people wonder about the following: “what is the difference between ssi and ssdi?” and  “social security benefits ri.” This article explains the difference between ssi and ssdi.

Rhode Island SSI and SSDI Lawyer

Supplemental Security Income provides cash assistance to disabled, blind or elder individuals with limited resources or income. Alternatively, Social Security Disability provides blind or disabled individuals specific benefits based on their earnings or the earnings of parents or spouses. What is the difference between ssi and ssdi?

Supplemental Security Income

SSI benefits are provided strictly on a needed basis according to an individual or family’s assets and income. The individual must be blind or suffering a disability and meets all of the following requirements including:

• The individual has limited resources and income
• The applicant is a United States citizen, national or a specific categorized alien
• The individual resides in the U.S. or Northern Marianna Islands

Difference between ssi and ssdi

Medicaid health services are often included as part of the benefit package from SSI. Recipients are automatically enrolled in Medicaid in many states including Rhode Island.

Because these benefits are offered on a strictly needed basis, according to the individual’s assets and income, the recipient must pass a “means test” requirement that varies between states. However, every state except Arizona, Georgia, Arkansas, Oregon, Mississippi, Texas, Tennessee and West Virginia provides recipients a state supplement to ensure the individual receives maximum benefits.

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In 2015, the maximum payment for Rhode Island recipients totaled $733 per individual and $1100 for couples living independently. The amount totals were the same for those that had met the requirements of being elderly, blind or disabled.

Social Security Disability Insurance

Unlike SSI, SSDI is funded through the individual’s payroll taxes. Available benefits are based on the number of years the recipient worked and the amount of Social Security contributions the individual made to the trust fund. Applicants must be 64 years old or younger and have earned a specific amount of “work credits.” Any disabled or blind individual receiving SSDI benefits for at least 24 months is automatically eligible to receive Medicare benefits.

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Maximizing Benefits 

Without legal assistance, the complexity of receiving disability benefits can be overwhelming. Nearly every SSDI and SSI claim for benefits is denied during its initial stage. Many successful claimants often appear at a hearing before an ALJ (administrative law judge) before being granted disability benefits. The greatest potential of receiving maximum benefits when filing a claim or appearing in a hearing usually requires a Social Security attorney who has handled many cases for disability.

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The skilled Rhode Island ssi or ssdi lawyer will prepare a case for benefits by investigating the claimant’s eligibility thoroughly and properly. Serving as an advocate, the Rhode Island law firm will be able to fully document the claimant’s medical condition or needs based on medical records, physical limitations and test results. Without legal guidance of a competent Rhode island and Providence Plantations lawyer, the claimant’s chances of successfully obtaining disability benefits before the administrative law judge will likely be significantly decreased.

What is the difference between ssi and ssdi?

Often times, the RI Social security Disability attorney handling a SSDI and SSI case can seek the best “on-site date,” or the date that the benefits become active. If the social security benefits ri lawyer  can secure an earlier date, the recipient can receive much-needed back pay for the time they waited while the claim was resolved. What is the difference between ssi and ssdi?

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