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The Plaintiff , Patricia Sullo was injured when she fell on the allegedly slippery entrance way to her podiatric office. The seriously injured victim in this premises liability claim asserted that the business invitor was negligent and the defendant’s carelessness caused the claimant pain and suffering and other damages including  permanent injury.

Slippery ramp

Ms. Sullo also alleged that the Podiatric office owed her a heightened duty of care. The Plaintiff was easily defeated in her slip and fall cause of action in Providence Superior Court when the judge issued Summary Judgment in favor of the defendant.

RI Court: Summary Judgment in ramp accident by trial judge was wrong

However, the Rhode Island Supreme Court sitting in Providence, RI reversed the trial court decision and sent the matter down to the lower court for a trial on the merits. The RI Supreme Court ruled there was a material issue of fact for the finder of fact, judge or jury, to determine and therefore summary judgment was not appropriate. The issue of fact was whether there was enough of an accumulation of snow or ice to invoke the duty of the business to clear the ramp after the storm or “or whether, at the time plaintiff fell, the snow had turned to rain or it had ceased snowing.” Id. Read the case: Sullo V. Greenberg     

A surgery after ramp accident

The plaintiff was a patient of the podiatrist as a result of a work related injury. It is unclear whether a Rhode Island Workers Compensation claim was filed. In any event, the injured party was treating with the doctor prior to the slip for an injured tendon in her left leg. The physician / surgeon performed the surgery on her leg and this was her first appointment after the procedure.

RI ramp accident injury lawyer

“In her deposition testimony, plaintiff averred that the weather was a mix of rain and snow and that the roads were wet.  Greenberg‟s office was accessible by a pair of ramps, as well as by a set of stairs. The plaintiff used the ramps because she was ambulating with the aid of crutches, and her left foot was in a soft cast. Sullo alleged that, after ascending the two ramps and walking across a wooden walkway towards the office door, her left crutch slipped on the wet wood, causing her to fall hard on her left leg and foot. In her complaint, plaintiff claimed that she had slipped on accumulated snow, but during her deposition she testified that the wood surface was wet from rain and snow but was not “slushy.” Id. The plaintiff alleged permanent injury as a result of the RI Slip and fall on the ramp.

Ramp accidents can result in various types of injuries, depending on the circumstances and the severity of the incident. Some common types of injuries associated with ramp accidents include:

  1. Slip and Fall Injuries: These accidents occur when individuals slip, trip, or lose their balance on a ramp due to slippery surfaces, uneven steps, or debris, leading to injuries like sprains, fractures, or head injuries.

  2. Fractures and Broken Bones: Falling on a ramp or being involved in a collision on a ramp can lead to fractures or broken bones, such as broken arms, legs, wrists, or ankles.

  3. Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs): In more severe cases, head injuries can result in traumatic brain injuries, which may have long-term consequences, affecting cognitive and motor functions.

  4. Spinal Cord Injuries: Falling from a ramp or being involved in a ramp accident can lead to spinal cord injuries, which can cause paralysis or significant impairment in the affected areas of the body.

  5. Soft Tissue Injuries: These injuries include damage to muscles, ligaments, and tendons and can result from sudden movements or collisions on a ramp.

  6. Cuts and Lacerations: Sharp objects or rough surfaces on a ramp can cause cuts and lacerations, which may require stitches or medical treatment.

  7. Bruises and Contusions: Bruises and contusions are common minor injuries that can occur as a result of a fall or collision on a ramp.

  8. Internal Injuries: Blunt force trauma from a ramp accident can cause internal injuries, such as organ damage or internal bleeding.

  9. Emotional Distress: Witnessing or being involved in a ramp accident can lead to emotional distress, which may have psychological and emotional consequences.

It’s important to note that the severity of injuries in a ramp accident can vary widely depending on factors like the height and design of the ramp, the circumstances of the accident, and the individual’s age and health. If you or someone you know has been injured in a ramp accident, it is essential to seek prompt medical attention and, if necessary, consult with legal professionals to understand your rights and options.

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