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RI Premises Liability Accident at Residential Homes
Residential home accident in ri

Thousands of individuals in the United States suffer serious injuries in a  residential home every year in preventable accidents that occur in their residential houses. Many of these accidents involve slip and fall incidences that cause severe to mild injuries. In fact, falling in the house is a cause of unintentional injury deaths in the United States, which claims almost 6000 lives every year. Many at-home deaths could be avoided with the installation of grab bars in showers and bath tubs in the house.

However, a slip or trip accident in Rhode Island is not the only type of incident that can happen at home that causes serious injuries. Other types of common accidents in the house involve:

Poisoning at residential home

Approximately 5000 individuals in the United States lose their lives and over 100,000 people suffer serious injuries every year through accidental poisonings at home. This includes mixing cleaning products that produce toxic fumes and inappropriate combinations of prescription drugs that produce adverse effects.

Other types of poisonings that occur at home include not keeping harmful household products out of the reach of young children, exposure to lead paint and spraying toxic levels of pesticides inside and outside the home.

Fire and Burns

More than 75,000 individuals suffer serious injuries and 3000 lose their lives to home fires that cause significant burns, smoke inhalation and exposure to toxic fumes. Many of these types of serious injuries could be avoided if the house had installed and working smoke detectors.

Many Local fire departments suggest holding a fire drill in the house at least two times every year. This provides a plan of action on how every member of the family can get out of the house in the event that a fire happens in any room. In addition, fire marshals suggest that every new home be installed with an effective whole house sprinkler system to eliminate the potential of a serious fire.

Injury by Water

A submersion in water of only a few inches deep can cause serious injuries or take the life of an individual through drowning. Bathtubs, backyard pools and any standing water can create a serious hazard to any member of the family.

A simple solution for reducing the threats of water-related injuries and deaths include installing a four foot or higher fence that has a self-latching and self-closing gate to secure the pool. Constant supervision is required anytime a young child is near open water. Many drownings and water-related injuries occur when those in charge let their guard down any time children and elder adults are around water.

Electrocution and Serious Injuries

Malfunctioning electrical appliances, light fixtures and receptacles can produce a hazardous condition where anyone can be electrocuted when exposed to electricity. These types of lurking dangers are difficult to detect but can be easily avoided if specific preventative measures are taken.

Households in Rhode Island should hire an electrician to check out the whole house electrical system and use detection tools to ensure that every receptacle and light fixture is fully grounded. The electrician can correct any potential hazard inside the home, outside the house and around pools and spas.

Serious Injury at a residential home

When a serious injury occurs at home in RI that is caused by the negligence of another individual, the victim might have the legal right to file a claim or lawsuit for financial compensation.

If you were injured at a residential home in Rhode Island then contact a RI premises liability lawyer or a Providence slip and fall attorney. RI personal injury lawyers will help you get the compensation that you deserve.

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