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Slip and Fall on Ice & Snow in Rhode Island | Slepkow Law

Rhode Island Falls on Ice & Snow

Slip on ice

Sadly, falls on ice and snow can never be curtailed 100 percent, but common sense precautions can greatly reduce accidents and create a safer environment. All homeowners and businesses in Rhode Island need to properly comprehend risk concerning slip and falls on ice and snow in RI. If you were injured in an accident in which a landlord, owner or business was negligent and at fault for your slip and fall accident then you need to retain a Personal Injury Attorney in Rhode Island.

slip and fall on black ice and slippery wet floors

Black ice is a major cause of slip and fall premises liability Claims in Rhode Island.  There are hundreds of falls at malls, shopping centers, retail stores, restaurants, supermarkets, playground, parks, schools, stores and private residences. If you were injured on a slippery floor, sidewalk, parking lot or other surface then you need to contact a RI Slip and fall Attorney or a Providence Premises liability Lawyer

Stair accident | stairwell accident

There are also many slip and falls on stairs, stairwells that are caused by inadequate lighting , improper guardrails or other defects. The RI Supreme Court sitting in Providence adopted the “Connecticut rule” when the TOP Court ruled “…landlord or business invitor owes a duty to a tenant or business invitee to use reasonable care to see that the common areas are kept reasonably safe from the dangers created by an accumulation of snow and ice which is attributed to purely natural causes.” BERARDIS v. LOUANGXAY 969 A.2d 1288 (2009) However, the Rhode Island Supreme  Court stated “The landlord or invitor, however, must be afforded a reasonable time after the storm has ceased to remove the accumulation. ”Id.

There are thousands of different types of injuries that can result from a slip on ice in Rhode Island. These include: fractured or broken bone traumatic head / brain injury and concussions, herniated disk, back and neck injury, spinal cord injuries and broken/ fractured legs.

Pedestrian accident injury lawyer in RI

Motorists must be particular careful to steer clear of pedestrian walking on icy sidewalks, parking lots or on icy street / road. A pedestrian slip and fall into oncoming traffic could be fatal and lead to wrongful death litigation in Providence Superior CourtSlip and falls in winter weather commonly occur in parking garages and parking lots. There are also many accidents on icy, snow covered and slippery ramps, driveways, lobbies, entrance ways, sidewalks, alleys and stairs.  Often, the most damaging winter weather can be a wintry mix because sleet, icy rain and snow can quickly turn to ice or black ice when it gets colder.

Lack of traction

Zurich asserts “The obvious reasons for most slip and fall incidents on snow and ice is a lack of traction. Restoring that traction on exterior surfaces may involve removal of the accumulation, to a wet surface condition, and applying rock salt or other ice melt products in most regions….”  Zurich 

Ice and snow accumulations

“Walking surfaces should be monitored for “black ice” or refreezing and de-icing and/or traction enhancing materials applied as needed, proactively and/or reactively. De-icing or traction materials such as cinders, sand, etc. should be used where ice and snow accumulations require additional melting or additional traction is needed for pedestrian or vehicle safety.” Id.

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