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Construction Accident Attorney Rhode Island RI

Rhode Island construction worker accidentA Good Rhode Island construction accident attorney will know how to locate potential parties who are liable and apportion proper responsibility for the mishap.

Understanding the hierarchy of construction projects will help Rhode Island construction accident lawyers determine who is liable for a construction accident in the Ocean State.

Construction accident attorney

Of course, there is an owner who is sometimes called the developer. The developer retains engineers, architects as well as land planners. The engineer and architect’s plans are put into motion by construction managers, contractors as well as subcontractors. The contractors and subcontractors work closely with construction machinery and material suppliers.

There are numerous other entities involved in land development including utility companies, as well as federal, state and local authorities.A Providence construction site accident lawyer will help maximize compensation in favor of the injured victim by bringing a lawsuit against as many responsible tortfeasors as feasible

RI premises liability lawyers | Construction accident

An inexperienced RI premises liability lawyer may not overturn every stone and dot every i. Proper experience in dealing with a slip and fall at a construction site will help a RI slip and fall attorney get a top dollar settlement or judgment on behalf of the injured victim All the entities set forth above play a role in the safety of Pawtucket, Providence or East Providence commercial project.

Proper safety precautions on real property in Cranston, Warwick and East North Providence will protect workers, guests, visitors and the general public from injury or death on the property. An employee injured in a work related construction or premises liability accident will have a Rhode Island workers compensation claim against their employer. Workers compensation in Rhode Island is a no fault system in which fault is not necessary to receive compensation. It is critical that an injured employee retain a RI Personal injury Lawyer who is also a Rhode Island workers compensation lawyer.

Nonetheless, the injured worker could still file a negligence cause of action against a third party utilizing a Rhode Island Personal injury Attorney if they can prove the third party was responsible for the injury.

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Premises liability in RI – dangerous condition on property

At the end of the day, there must be proper lighting on the premises to insure pedestrian and vehicle travel on the real property. It is imperative that adequate walkways are designed into the property. Premises owners and property managers must be careful to not allow uneven and dangerous terrain. Proper lighting and pedestrian walkways will help reduce slip and fall accidents on the property. Walkways must also be maintained and swept periodically. Maintenance crews must keep property in good repair.

All tripping hazards must be identified and cleared from the property. The last thing that a property owner wants on his real estate is a hazardous, defective or unsafe condition on their property causing injury to a child or an adult. For example, an accumulation of ice, snow, acorns or sticks could lead to a very serious slip and fall or trip and fall accident in RI. Improper signage or warnings of dangerous conditions on a property could also lead to negligence liability in Rhode Island.

walkway accident

If the maintenance crew has not used due diligence in clearing a walkway, such walkway may be hazardous for pedestrian travel. In the event of an injury, it is crucial that the Providence slip and fall lawyer get all maintenance logs as well as determine the proper protocol for such maintenance at similar sites (the industry standard) Golf course liability is beyond the scope of this negligence article. Special considerations in golf courses liability in Rhode Island is protection for golfers, visitors and the public from errantly hit golf balls.

amusement park accident

The issues pertaining to amusement parks, parks and playgrounds usually relate to the surface material as well as equipment and whether it is suitable for the age of the children utilizing the playground equipment. Furthermore other playground equipment such as slides, bars, and other equipment may be unreasonably dangerous and defective. Fields, rinks and court must also be properly maintained in Barrington, Bristol and Warren Rhode Island.

Construction injury claims

Construction accidents range from scaffolding accidents to crane accidents and may include: falling objects, burn injuries, ladder falls and accidents on heavy machinery. There are also a number of electrocutions, injuries from falls from scaffolding or ladders as well as exposure to toxic materials. According to American Injury Attorney Group, “Construction accidents can often result in injuries that include amputations, scarring, fractured bones, head injuries, loss of limbs, or even wrongful death. Although workers’ compensation may pay for some of the expenses incurred, it does not typically compensate the victim fully for any permanent losses or disabilities that occurred as a result of the accident”.

Slip and fall causes of action

“Many premises liability and slip and fall claims in RI and MA are incidents caused by a slippery or oily substance on the floor such as water, ice, snow, juice, food, produce, oil or a soft drink. Many trip and fall and slips and fall accidents result from improper maintenance, a defective condition such as inadequate lighting or even defective ramps or stairs.”

Legal Notice per Rules of Professional Responsibility: The Rhode Island Supreme Court licenses all lawyers and attorneys in the general practice of law, but does not license or certify any lawyer / attorney as an expert or specialist in any field of practice. While this firm maintains joint responsibility, most cases of this type are referred to other attorneys for principle responsibility.

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