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Many individuals ride a bike for pleasure, exercise or quick transportation in congested urban areas. While bicycle riding in Rhode Island offers significant benefits to cardiovascular health, without taking specific safety precautions, cyclists are often at great risk to serious injuries or death when involved in a RI accident.  If you were injured in a bicycle accident in Rhode island then contact a Rhode Island bicycle accident attorney who is also a RI personal injury lawyer. The most common types of Rhode Island bike accidents causing injury include:

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RI bicycle accident attorney

Rhode Island bicycle accident lawyer

Accidents occurring when another motorist fails to yield the right-of-way to a bicyclist can produce catastrophic injuries and fatalities. So too can the type of accident that occurs when the bicyclist does not yield to oncoming traffic as required by the rules of the road.

Failure to yield is a common type of bicycle accident that causes many deaths every year. In some situations, the bicyclist is young, inexperienced or somehow impaired by distraction, alcohol, talking on the phone or even texting.

Cars and Motor Vehicles turning left

A common type of Auto accident in Rhode Island and Providence Plantations occurs when the bicyclist and other passenger vehicles are approaching intersections in opposite directions and the motorist driving a car or pickup truck makes a left turn. Often times, these Barrington, Bristol, MA and Warren bike accidents are the result of misjudging the speed of the cyclist or not seen the bike at all.

The bicyclist can avoid many of these types of Newport, Tiverton or New Shoreham (Block Island) accidents by taking specific safety measures that include:

• Use reflective materials on the bike and clothing to maximize visibility on the road
• Adjust traveling speed when approaching an intersection by slowing down as a way to stop quickly when necessary
• Position the bicycle into the middle of the lane when passing through the intersection as a way to enhance the bike and bicyclist’s visibility
• Avoid riding the bicycle into the crosswalk where it is often more challenging for others to detect the bike

Vehicles, cars and trucks Turning Right in Block Island, Warwick, Cranston and Woonsocket

Many types of Cumberland, Pawtucket or North providence bicycle accidents in Rhode Island causing injury involve vehicles making a right turn at an intersection. Usually, the Providence bike accident occurs because the bicyclist is traveling fast when approaching a moving vehicle on the left that is slowing to make a right hand turn. Other times, a vehicle will pass the bicyclists when approaching an intersection then cut the bike off in the crosswalk.

Other types of Rhode Island accidents involving vehicles turning right occur when both the bicyclist and motorist are waiting at a red light. When the light changes, both the cyclists and motorists accelerate their speed and the vehicle cuts off or hits the bicycle while turning.

Negligence in Rhode Island

The recklessness or negligence of the bicyclist or other motorists on the road causes a significant amount of bicycle accidents and collisions every year. Running stop signs, speeding, or a vehicle drifting into a designated bike lane are all signs of negligence or disregard to the well-being and safety of others.

In addition, driving too fast, too carelessly, too closely or failing to see the bicycle are all signs of negligence of others at fault for a Rhode island or Massachusetts bike accident. This often includes automobile motorists merging into the pathway of bicycles, making sudden stops, changing lanes suddenly, or failing to give way to a bicyclist on a roundabout or intersection.

Riding without a Helmet in Rhode Island

Many Bristol, Newport, Barrington or Rhode Island bicyclists suffer serious head trauma, broken bones, paralysis and traumatic brain injuries because they were not wearing a helmet when the accident occurred. In many cases, riding without a helmet can lead to economic and non-economic consequences where injuries produce significant medical expenses, the inability to work, pain and suffering.

If you, or a loved one, have suffered serious injuries in any type of bicycle accident caused by another, it is essential to hire a Rhode island personal injury attorney or a RI bicycle accident lawyer to seek financial compensation. Most claims for compensation are handled by the Rhode island bike crash lawyer on a contingency to avoid the cost of paying upfront fees.

Deadly bicycle crash with a motor vehicle

When a bicycle is hit or clipped by a motor vehicle such as a car, automobile (auto), truck, van or SUV the injury can be catastrophic or even deadly. In the event of a fatal bicycle accident then it is crucial that the cyclist’s loved ones, spouse, children or parents retain a Rhode Island wrongful death attorney to represent the executor of the estate in the deadly wreck. A RI wrongful death lawyer who is also a RI car accident attorney as well as a Providence personal injury lawyer will help the cyclists’ family get the most compensation possible for the car- bicycle crash.

It’s vital that you know how to ride your bicycle responsibly.  Responsible bike riding can reduce the likelihood of a RI bicycle accident with an automobile, motor vehicle or car. While many believe that teenagers are the most likely to be involved in a crash, it’s actually adult men who have the most accidents across the U. S. The average age of cyclists who were killed in 2013 were approximately 44 years old.

RI bicycle accident lawyer

According to the Center for Disease Control or CDC, 2013 saw over 900 bicyclist fatalities and 494,000 hospital visits due to bike-related injuries.  There are two common crashes when it comes to bikes in Rhode Island. One of those is the most common, which is falls from the bike. The other type of  RI bicycle crash involves motor vehicles, car and trucks.

If you were inured in a bicycle accident in Barrington, Bristol, Warren, Providence or in any community in Rhode Island, contact a Rhode Island bicycle accident attorney who is also a RI personal injury lawyer. A  top Providence bicycle accident lawyer can get you the compensation you need and the justice you deserve.

Crashing by Falling

You can avoid falling by practicing on your bike. Confidence in riding often comes from having practiced in a variety of environments. Like driving, you should avoid riding your bike while distracted. Pay attention to the traffic and road conditions, and make sure your bike is in good repair. It’ll be hard to stop if your brakes aren’t working properly.

Stay Smart on Your Bike to avoid a RI bicycle accident

Riding a bike should be fun, but it should be taken very seriously. Obey all traffic as if you were a vehicle too. Never shoot out from side streets, and wear protective gear like a helmet to guard against accidents that could damage your brain.

Vehicle Crashes and Bikes

Accidents involving vehicles occurred mostly at non-intersections where the bicyclist had a stop sign, but the vehicle did not. Over 50 percent of the fatalities that happened in 2013 were between the hours of 3 p. m. and 11:59 p. m.

STERLING TOWNSHIP, BROWN COUNTY (FOX19) –A 44-year-old bicyclist died in an alcohol-related accident Monday, according to the Ohio State Highway Patrol.Timothy Woods of Wiliamsburg was traveling downhill on a bicycle and began to negotiate a right-hand curve when his bike ran off the left side of the road and hit a guardrail end on Bloomrose Road north of Crosstown Road sometime after 1 a.m., troopers said. Woods was ejected when the bicycle overturned. Both he and the bike came to a rest in the creek bed.He was not wearing a helmet, and alcohol is suspected, as reported by those who last saw Woods prior to the crash, troopers said. Woods’ body was discovered several hours later, just after 3:30 p.m. Someone walking along Bloomrose Road spotted it and the bicycle in the creek bed and called 911.”Alcohol suspected in fatal bicycle accident, FOX 19

Accident Recourse in Providence Superior Court

If you’ve been involved in a RI bicycle accident with a vehicle, car or truck  you’ll want to keep the bike in its current, damaged state. Take photos of your bike as well as your safety equipment. Don’t wash or repair any of your clothing. It all should be preserved for your  East Providence bike crash attorneys.

Advice from a RI bicycle accident lawyer

After an accident involving a vehicle, you’ll want to receive the best advice possible. This is the time to immediately call an attorney. They’ll be able to represent you in a lawsuit, which is vital if you’ve been injured severely. Many bicycle accidents in Rhode Island involve vehicles that don’t see them while driving. You should practice defensive bike riding, but you can’t always avoid a crash. A RI bicycle accident attorney who is also a Rhode island personal injury lawyer can help you resolve your case.

“Much of the conversation centered on the dangers Route 1 presents to those on bikes, such as the high rate of speed at which the cars using the road travel and the lack of safe places to cross the road or turn around… In Connecticut, cyclists call U.S. Route 1 the deadliest highway because bikes are allowed on it but cars frequently go very fast and there’s not usually a very wide shoulder,” he said. Over the years, several bike-route feasibility studies have been done throughout Westerly, Charlestown and South Kingstown, DeSantis said. Unfortunately, nothing has come from the studies. Based on his work throughout the nation, DeSantis said potential options for bike paths range from converting old railroad tracks, building boardwalks, retrofitting roads with designated on-road bike paths or adding buffered bike lanes next to sidewalks. There’s been a recent transition from biking as a recreation to biking as a means of transportation to work, school, play,” he said. “I think we need to take on a new perspective and look at how Route 1 can be reconfigured to allow bikes to safely connect with and cross the main thoroughfare.” Westerly

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