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All drivers of motor vehicles in Rhode Island and Massachusetts have the responsibility to avoid lane violations and drive responsibly and attentively. This includes staying within your lane of travel, making the proper signals before changing lanes and changing lanes only after checking to make sure there are no vehicles in the way.

Lane change violation accident lawyer

Car accidents in RI and MA caused by drivers who fail to stay in their lane of travel or commit other types of lane violations may give rise to a claim for damages against the other motor vehicle driver.

A lane violation is negligence and such malfeasance  causing injury can lead to a claim for damages. If you have been injured in this type of automobile accident in RI or trucking accident, contact an experienced East Providence personal injury attorney to learn what can be done.

A lane violation accident, also known as a “failure to maintain lane” accident, typically occurs when a driver fails to stay within their designated lane while operating a motor vehicle. This can result in collisions with other vehicles, obstacles, or even pedestrians, depending on the circumstances. Lane violations are a common cause of accidents and can lead to serious injuries and property damage.

Common causes of lane violation accidents include:

  1. Distracted driving: When drivers are distracted by activities such as texting, talking on the phone, eating, or adjusting the radio, they may inadvertently drift out of their lane.
  2. Impaired driving: Alcohol, drugs, or certain medications can impair a driver’s ability to maintain their lane, leading to accidents.
  3. Fatigue: Tired or drowsy drivers are more likely to have difficulty staying in their lane, as their reaction times may be slowed.
  4. Speeding: Excessive speed can make it harder for a driver to control their vehicle and stay within their lane, especially when going around curves or corners.
  5. Poor road conditions: Weather-related factors like rain, snow, ice, or fog can make it challenging to maintain a lane, as can poorly maintained road surfaces.
  6. Mechanical issues: Vehicle malfunctions, such as a problem with the steering system, can lead to lane violations and accidents.

If you are involved in a lane violation accident, here are some steps to consider:

  1. Ensure safety: First, make sure you and others involved in the accident are safe. If possible, move your vehicle out of traffic to prevent further accidents.
  2. Contact law enforcement: Call the police to report the accident. They will assess the situation, gather information, and create an accident report.
  3. Exchange information: Exchange contact and insurance information with the other party or parties involved in the accident.
  4. Document the scene: Take photos of the accident scene, including any damage to vehicles and the position of vehicles within or between lanes.
  5. Seek medical attention: If you or anyone involved in the accident is injured, seek immediate medical attention. Even if injuries appear minor, it’s a good idea to have them checked by a healthcare professional.
  6. Notify your insurance company: Report the accident to your insurance provider as soon as possible. They will guide you through the claims process.
  7. Consult with an attorney: If you believe you are not at fault for the accident or have questions about legal issues related to the accident, consider consulting with an attorney who specializes in personal injury or traffic law.

It’s important to drive attentively and responsibly to minimize the risk of lane violation accidents and the associated consequences. Additionally, understanding and following local traffic laws and regulations is essential for safe and responsible driving.

Negligence- lane Violation

best-personal-injury-lawyer-riIn some cases, you may have a claim for money damages against the other driver. To be successful in a claim for damages, you must be able to show that the other driver was negligent by committing a lane violation and that the lane violation caused your injuries. Often, when a lane violation is committed, there are written traffic rules which can help prove negligence. If given the opportunity, make sure to request that the driver be cited for the lane violation by the local authorities. Involving the RI or MA police is also important because an officer will make a report about the incident, which will help preserve information and evidence.

Seek medical treatment for your injuries

If you suffer injuries in a lane violation accident in Rhode island or Massachusetts, seek out immediate medical treatment. Make sure to describe all of your injuries and pains to the doctor, so you will receive the appropriate treatment. This will also document your symptoms to assist in proving the injury elements of your claim against the driver. Seek out consistent and continuing medical treatment after the accident, especially if additional medical issues arise.

Insurance settlement

As soon as you are able, contact a Lincoln, Cumberland or Pawtucket tort attorney to learn what your legal options are against the other driver. A auto wreck attorney in Johnston, Tiverton or North providence will be able to analyze your case a create a plan of action to hold the other driver responsible. This typically will include trying to work with the other driver’s insurance company to reach a settlement. If the insurance company will not pay a reasonable amount, your Providence car crash lawyer can file a lawsuit against the other driver and pursue money damages directly from them.

Many are unaware of the types of damages that can be recovered. Most correctly assume that medical expenses can be recovered. There are also other damages applicable in many cases, such as pain and suffering, future medical expenses, property damages, and emotional distress.

If you have been injured in a lane violation car accident, contact a Rhode Island personal injury attorney immediately to protect your interests and hold the negligent driver responsible.

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