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Personal Injury FAQs in Rhode Island

personal injury faq'sWhen you hire a Rhode Island personal injury attorney, you likely expect that you are hiring a lawyer who will abide by the Rhode Island Rules of Professional Responsibility. Unfortunately, there are some instances in which you are unhappy with your Rhode Island personal injury lawyer performance as your legal counsel in your case. Perhaps you are at the point in which you may even be considering the filing of an action against a former lawyer.

Rhode Island personal injury attorneys

You should always be aware that you have the right to hire a new lawyer for your case at anytime. There is no way in which a personal injury lawyer can force you to continue to use his or her legal advice and services. Every citizen has the right to find new representation at any point in a trial. Once you decide to move forward in hiring a new lawyer, your old lawyer will have to forward any case materials to the new lawyer.

Can a rescuer who is alleged to be negligent be liable to the victim in RI?

“We are of the opinion, however, that the comparative-negligence doctrine does not fully protect the rescue doctrine’s underlying policy of promoting rescue. No common-law duties changed as a result of the enactment of Rhode Island’s comparative-negligence statute, and there is nothing other than an individual’s moral conscience to induce a person under no legal duty to undertake a rescue attempt. The law places a premium on human life, and one who voluntarily attempts to save a life of another should not be barred from complete recovery. Only if a person is rash or reckless in the rescue attempt should recovery be limited; accordingly we hold that the rescue doctrine survives the adoption of the comparative-negligence statute and that principles of comparative negligence apply only if a defendant establishes that the rescuer’s actions were rash or reckless. See Allison v. Sverdrup & Parcel and Associates, Inc., 738 S.W.2d 440 (Mo. Ct. App. 1987). In adopting this reasoning we recognize that the oft quoted words of Justice Cardozo apply now as they did in 1921:

“Danger invites rescue. The cry of distress is the summons to relief. The law does not ignore these reactions of the mind in tracing conduct to its consequences. It recognizes them as normal. * * * The risk of rescue, if only it be not wanton, is born of the occasion. The emergency begets the man. The wrongdoer may not have foreseen the coming of a deliverer. He is accountable as if he had.” Wagner v. International Railway, Co., 232 N.Y. 176, 180, 133 N.E. 437, 437-38 (1921).  612 A.2d 687 (1992) Beverly OUELLETTE v. Orin V. CARDE et al. No. 90-367-Appeal.Supreme Court of Rhode Island. July 9, 1992.

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Hiring a new RI car accident lawyer

You may be wondering about the process of repaying the old attorney who was working on your case.  Perhaps you do not want to pay the attorney due to his or her performance. If you do not pay the attorney, then he or she will likely try to file a statutory lien against the negligence case that you have. This means that at the moment in which you receive a settlement or monetary compensation from a negligence case, the old attorney will also receive a portion of these funds. The good news is that if you decide to hire a new lawyer, then the old lawyer will not be able to collect these funds.

All unintentional injury deaths by the CDC

  • “Number of deaths: 135,928
  • Deaths per 100,000 population: 42.6
  • Cause of death rank: 4

Unintentional fall deaths

  • Number of deaths: 31,959
  • Deaths per 100,000 population: 10.0

Motor vehicle traffic deaths

  • Number of deaths: 33,736
  • Deaths per 100,000 population: 10.6

Unintentional poisoning deaths

An injury verdict in Providence

When a verdict is entered for a personal injury case, both of the lawyers who worked on the case will divide the fees that they receive. They will need to divide the funds in an equitable fashion. Typically, each attorney will decide upon a private agreement that is fair in regards to the contributions that were made to a personal injury case.

What this means for a client is that he or she will not have to pay any new funds in order to hire a lawyer for a case. The client can be assured that the new lawyer will divide a portion of the settlement proceeds with a prior lawyer. This can be a great stress reliever to the client who may be in a tight financial position. He or she may be stressed out about having an incompetent lawyer currently working on a negligence case. This client can be relieved in knowing that it is possible to hire a new Rhode Island lawyer  or Rhode Island personal injury attorneys to work on his or her personal injury case.

A negligence cause of action in Newport Superior Court

Your old  Rhode Island personal injury attorneys may be unhappy that you have decided to quit your agreement with them. Even if the lawyer tries to talk you out of it, you should not let this deter you from obtaining the competent representation that you need.   .

When you are filing a negligence action, it is vital to hire a lawyer who will stand up for your rights. You want to ensure that your lawyer will be able to approach the handling of your legal issues in a diligent manner. If you have begun to notice that the work ethic of a current lawyer is below these standards, then you have every right to consider the possibility of hiring a new lawyer for your case. You can get in touch with a new Rhode Island personal injury lawyer or Rhode Island personal injury attorneys  today.

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