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A New Years Eve car accident attorney authors this article about New Years auto accidents. Car accidents are on the rise in the United States. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 36 traffic fatalities occurred every day from 2001 to 2005.

New years Eve car accident causing injury

However, over the New Years  Eve. holiday those statistics jumped to 54 each day, proving the holiday is the most dangerous time of year to be on the road. The following is an overview of how a Rhode Island personal injury lawyer or a RI auto accident attorney may be able to help if you or someone you love has been injured due to the negligence of a drunk driver.

New Years Eve Drunk Driving Accident Injury Attorney

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, car, truck or SUV accident on new years eve caused by an impaired driver, you have the right to file a lawsuit and request compensation for your injuries. This lawsuit is filed in civil court, which is different than the criminal proceedings the driver may face. Below are some types of damages you may be able to receive compensation for in a Rhode Island and Providence Plantations personal injury claim:

• Hospital Costs
• Medical Bills / pain and suffering
• Therapy Fees
• Alternate Transportation Costs
• Vehicle Repair Cost
• Loss Of Income
• Future Lost Income If You Are Permanently Disabled

You may also be entitled to punitive damages from the drunk driver as a result of a new years eve drunk driving accident. Punitive damages are awarded to victims to punish the tortfeasor, so hopefully they won’t drive under the influence of alcohol again.

Punitive damages laws in Rhode Island

“Recently, in Murphy v. United Steelworkers of America, 507 A.2d 1342, 1346 (R.I. 1986), this court emphasized that punitive damages are not awarded as compensation for the plaintiff but in order to punish the offender and to deter future misconduct. Again, we have also emphasized that one seeking punitive damages is required to produce “`evidence of such willfulness, recklessness or wickedness, on the part of the party at fault, as amount[s] to criminality, that for the good of society and warning to the individual, ought to be punishedd.'” Morin v. Aetna Casualty and Surety Co., 478 A.2d 964, 967 (R.I. 1984).” 533 A.2d 541 (1987) Mary M. ALLEN, et al. v. Robert L. SIMMONS, et al. No. 85-542-Appeal. Supreme Court of Rhode Island. November 23, 1987. 542*542 Raymond A. LaFazia, Netti C. Vogel, Gunning, LaFazia & Gnys, Inc., Providence, for plaintiffs. Paul V. Reynolds, Boyer, Reynolds & DeMarco, Providence, for defendants. OPINION KELLEHER, Justice.

Proving Negligence in a motor vehicle intoxicated and drunk motorist wreck

When someone gets behind the wheel after drinking too much, they are acting in a reckless and negligent manner. This is usually enough to merit a civil settlement for your expenses. However, you must be able to prove that your injuries were caused by the driver in the accident. A Warwick personal injury attorney can speak with your doctors and medical experts to help prove the extent of your injuries.

Social host law

“Under the so-called “social host” law that was enacted in 2006, adults who allow underage drinking parties to be held in their homes can face criminal charges. That law added language to existing statute that enhanced the ability of law enforcement to charge adults who provide alcohol to minors. However, the Barrington incident uncovered a flaw in the new law. Police said that while they proceeded with action against the youths they encountered, they held off from charging the owner of the home because the underage drinking occurred not inside the home, but rather in the yard. Police were advised by the office of the Attorney General that, as a result, charges against the adult homeowners could not be sustained. The legislation approved by the General Assembly – sponsored by Rep. Jan P. Malik (D-Dist. 67, Barrington, Warren) and Sen. Walter S. Felag Jr. (D-Dist. 10, Warren, Bristol, Tiverton) — addresses that issue by extending the reach of the law to make adults liable for underage drinking anywhere on their property, not just within the confines of a house.” Insurance  Journal  https://www.insurancejournal.com/news/east/2008/07/23/92106.htm

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How an injury Lawyer can Help

Personal injury laws in Rhode Island regarding drunk driving accidents are complex and the legal process is difficult to navigate. Hiring an experienced Cranston or East Providence personal injury lawyer to guide you through this process will help ease your mind during this difficult time. In addition, it is very important that your expenses and lost wages be calculated correctly so you receive the best settlement possible. Your Barrington, Bristol or Warren RI lawyer has experience making these calculations, increasing your chances of getting the most money for your injuries.

If you have been hurt by a drunk driver, schedule an appointment with a Rhode Island personal injury lawyer for advice. Your RI injury attorney will go over your case and advise you in the best way to move forward. Having an experienced and competent Pawtucket or Woonsocket negligence car collision injury attorney on your side can help make the entire process easier.

Drunk driving accidents that lead to death or serious injury on New Year’s Eve are tragic and unfortunately, not uncommon. On New Year’s Eve, there tends to be an increased risk of alcohol-related accidents due to celebrations and parties where people may consume alcohol and then get behind the wheel. The combination of alcohol impairment and increased traffic during this holiday can have devastating consequences.

To prevent such accidents, it’s crucial for individuals to act responsibly. If you plan to drink on New Year’s Eve or any other occasion, make sure to designate a sober driver, use public transportation, a rideshare service, or find an alternative way to get home safely. Additionally, you can help prevent such accidents by being vigilant and reporting drunk or reckless drivers to the authorities.

Law enforcement agencies often increase their efforts to curb drunk driving during holidays like New Year’s Eve, but it’s ultimately the responsibility of each individual to make safe choices and prioritize the well-being of themselves and others on the road. Tragic accidents can be avoided through responsible and sober driving practices.

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