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Winter weather is often Responsible for Multi-Car Accidents (pile-up crashes) in Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. Many factors can cause vehicle and trucking collisions. Travel speeds, inexperienced drivers, and distracted drivers (texting while driving) are some of the reasons for vehicular wrecks. When it comes to multi-car collisions, one of the major causes is winter weather. If you were injured in a multi-vehicle car accident in RI, contact a personal injury attorney in RI.

pile-up accident

More fatal accidents are due to snow than the number caused by fog. During whiteout conditions visibility is limited in the same way as it is during foggy weather, but the addition of snow results in treacherous highways and roads.

Multi-vehicle accident lawyer in RI

One example of the problems caused by winter weather was in February, 2010, in the Kansas City, Missouri area. There were 140 vehicles involved in several multi-car accidents. Two Greyhound buses were in the bus accident as well and they were caused by whiteout conditions. Amazingly enough there were no critical or fatal injuries.

Black Ice and slippery roads cause multi-vehicle collisions

Winter snow is not the only hazard. Black ice, compacted snow, ice, slush, and blowing snow causing white out conditions are all hazardous for drivers and motorists. When a driver tries to stop quickly on ice or snow, it is easy for them to lose control of the  motor vehicle.

Auto accident pile-ups caused by snowstorms

Multi-vehicle collisions are often  result of the loss of control, specifically being unable to stop quickly when another vehicle stops in front of them. This can result in a chain reaction as other cars and trucks try to stop to no avail. When this occurs on a major roadway, it can become deadly. Add semi-trucks to the scenario and this increases the danger.

Accidents and Injuries from car accidents in Rhode Island

All too often, driving in winter weather can cause fatalities. According to statistics from the Center for Disease Control, the injuries most often reported in vehicle collisions are strains and sprains of the back and neck (whiplash). These injuries, although not life-threatening can cause a myriad of problems.

Pile-ups are a Hazard in Winter Weather in RI

When injured in a pile-up, it is often difficult to determine who was at a fault for the accident. For people who were injured in the accident it can become a nightmare. They need to focus on medical care and recovery instead of the insurance companies who are arguing over who was at fault.

A RI personal injury lawyer

The best thing to do is to hire a Rhode Island personal injury attorney who is knowledgeable in multi-vehicle collisions. Often more than one driver can be at fault in multi-car collisions. Even if you are at partially at fault, you can still receive compensation for your injuries. This type of claim is complicated and it is best to hire a Providence car accident attorney to assess your case and help you to get the compensation needed.

Accident report

“About 11:11 a.m. local time on Thursday, September 24, 2015, a 2009 MCI motorcoach, operated by CWA Inc. DBA Bellair Charters Hesselgrave South, was traveling southbound in the center lane on the Washington State Route 99 (SR99) Aurora Bridge (official name: George Washington Bridge). The motorcoach was occupied by a 68-year-old driver and 50 passengers. At the same time, a 1945 DUKWan amphibious military vehicle modified for tour operations, operated by Ride The Ducks Seattle LLC, and occupied by a 54-year-old driver and 36 passengerswas traveling northbound in the center lane on the SR99 Aurora Bridge. As the two vehicles approached each other, the DUKW driver reported hearing a loud “bang” as his vehicle experienced a mechanical failure at the left front axle assembly, causing him to lose control. The DUKW vehicle crossed the center line into the oncoming traffic in the southbound lanes. The front of the DUKW struck the left side of the motorcoach near the driver’s compartment. The DUKW vehicle then penetrated into the left side passenger compartment of the motorcoach, damaging the interior floor and occupied seats. During the impact, the DUKW rolled toward its left side and a number of passengers were ejected before the vehicle came to rest back on its wheels.” Preliminary Report – Highway – HWY15MH011 NTSB

Rhode Island multi-vehicle accident lawyer

“A 2011 Dodge Ram pickup truck was also traveling southbound adjacent to the motorcoach. In an attempt to avoid the collision, the Dodge pickup truck moved left into the northbound lane and subsequently struck the right side of the DUKW. The Dodge pickup truck continued forward, striking a 2006 Toyota Highlander sport utility vehicle, which had been traveling in the northbound left lane behind the DUKW and had struck the left side of the DUKW. A 2007 Toyota Tundra pickup truck, also traveling in the northbound lane, struck the left front of the Dodge pickup truck.”  NHTSA National highway Safety Board 

“As a result of this crash, five occupants of the motorcoach died. Sixty-two occupants of the motorcoach, the DUKW, and the crash-involved passenger vehicles reported injuries ranging from minor to serious.” NTSB

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