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Dog Bite in RI – Claim Rightful Compensation with Help of an Attorney

dog bite attackIf you’ve been a victim of a dog bite in RI, you should hire a Rhode Island dog bite injury attorney to seek justice and compensation in your case. Dogs are supposed to be domesticated and usually they are quite gentle with humans. When a dog attacks in Providence or surrounding towns, these vicious attacks are usually directly related to the way in which they were raised by the owner.

RI dog bite

Every year there are thousands of cases of pet attacks around the US and hundreds in RI, and most of them result in legal and medical fees. Every state has its own rules and policies regarding ownership and care for the dogs. They are implemented by the animal control units and police officers.

Liability for dogs outside of enclosure

The Rhode Island Supreme Court stated “Strict liability attaches for any injury occurring outside the dog’s enclosure.”  “Therefore, the dog-bite statute imposes strict liability in any circumstance wherein the dog is outside of its owner’s enclosure.” Johnston v. Poulin, 844 A.2d 707 (Rhode Isl. Sup. Ct., 2004). see also: § 4-13-16  Action for damages to animals – Double damages on second recovery – Destruction of offending dog.

Consulting a dog bite attorney in Rhode Island |  Rhode Island dog bite attorney

If you’ve been bitten by a dog in the Ocean State, you should immediately consult a dog bite attorney to find out all about your options regarding justice and compensation. It is important to establish that the owner of the dog was indeed responsible for its actions. In some states, its important for victim to prove that owner of the dog also has something to do with the biting.

It is important to establish who is the owner of the animal before any case can be filed. Cases cannot be filed for stray dogs as they are without any owner. However, you can file a case against the authorities as they are responsible for capturing and controlling stray dogs. In most of the areas, authorities are quite active in controlling and managing stray dogs and immediately respond to any request for controlling stray dogs from the areas under their control.

Canine attack in Rhode Island | Rhode Island dog bite attorney

Some pet owners have insurance cover regarding canine attacks and injuries. However, in many cases people are not able to claim these policies due to the specific scenarios prescribed by the insurance companies. A dog bite Injury Lawyer can help you get the justice and compensation for the trauma and injuries that you have experienced due to the dog attack. In some cases, it may be necessary to put down the animal due to several accounts of injuring kids and people. In such cases, a attorney will help in establishing several facts of your case and will help you in getting the requisite compensation that can cover your loss of work, therapy and medical bills.

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If you were injured by a dog or other animal then contact a Rhode Island dog bite attorney. Contact David Slepkow for a case evaluation for any dog bite or related injury at 401-437-1100, or complete our contact form now.

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