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Distracted driving in RI | Cell phone use and accident stats

Accidents due to distracted drivers are becoming increasingly problematic, throughout the United States.  There are a variety of things that can lead to driver distraction and that often has tragic results. According to the Center For Disease Control or CDC, more than 8 people die and 1,161 are hurt due to distracted drivers. The following is an overview of distracted driving and cell phone use statistics and what you should know to stay safe.

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Distracted driving attorney in RI

Types Of Distraction | Car accident lawyer Rhode Island

When we get in our cars, our primary concern should be operating our vehicles safely. Unfortunately, many people forget this and drive while doing other things. The most common types of driver distraction that lead to accidents involving vehicles, motorcycles, large trucks, bicycles and pedestrians are:

  • Texting On A Cell Phone
  • Eating
  • Grooming Such As Hair Brushing
  • Reading Maps Or GPS Navigation
  • Talking On A Cell Phone
  • Adjusting The CD Player Or Radio In The Car
  • Applying Makeup
  • Talking To Vehicle Occupants
  • Watching Videos On A Cell Phone

Driving And Cell Phone Use | Distracted driving attorney RI

Texting and driving is the most dangerous type of distracted driving. Because it requires manual, cognitive and visual ability and attention it poses the biggest threat. The CDC states that drivers going 55 MPH while they are texting, take their eyes off the road long enough to travel the entire distance of a football field. Some interesting cell phone use and driving statistics are:

  • Drivers Younger Than 20 Have The Highest Rate Of Fatal Distracted Driving Crashes
  • 38 Percent Of All Distracted Drivers Had Been Using A Cell Phone At The Time Of The Crash
  • 53 Percent Of All Adults Who Own Cell Phones Have Had A Distracted Incident While Walking


Many states in the U.S. have made it against the law to talk on a cell phone or text and drive. Those who hold a commercial drivers license or CDL, will face serious consequences if they are caught using a cell phone while operating a large commercial vehicle or carrying hazardous materials.

Distracted driving is reaching epidemic proportions in the U.S. If you have been injured in an accident due to the negligence of a distracted driver, it may benefit you to speak with a personal injury attorney for advice.

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