Uninsured Motorist Accident | Providence Car Crash Attorney

You have just been involved in a vehicular accident such as a car, truck or motorcycle crash accident and are suffering serious injuries caused by the negligence of another driver who has no insurance. (uninsured motorist) Now what? Exactly how are you going to pay your medical expenses, recoup money lost from time away from […]

Uninsured Motorist | Car Accident Lawyer RI

Even though liability insurance on automobiles, trucks and other vehicles are compulsory in nearly every jurisdiction, many drivers are still uninsured. Every state except New Hampshire requires motorists to maintain automobile liability insurance before they can legally drive on streets, roads and highways. Even though motorists are compelled by law to purchase car insurance, many […]

Underinsured Motorist Accident Attorney RI | Uninsured

Victims involved in a serious accident in Rhode Island that was not their fault often hope that the other driver has adequate insurance to cover the cost of damages and healing. However, because of lower monthly premiums, many motorists in RI drive with insufficient levels of insurance if they cause an accident with injuries or […]

Rhode Island Car Accident Attorney | Uninsured Motorist Claim

If you been involved in an uninsured vehicle  or trucking accident  in Rhode Island when driving a vehicle, riding a bicycle or as a pedestrian, do you know if you can receive financial compensation from the uninsured motorist? Unfortunately, many motorists drive their vehicles without auto insurance to cover an accident with injuries or fatalities […]

No UM coverage for fatal motorcycle crash when bike not on insurance

The RI Supreme Court denied uninsured motorist coverage to compensate the beneficiaries of the estate of a man who died as a result of the negligence of an uninsured motorist in a fatal motorcycle accident. The Top Court sustained the Providence Superior Court’s granting of summary judgment in favor of the Insurance Company. If you […]