Types of slip and fall at restaurants RI & premises liability accident

Premises liability for restaurants is a very serious operational issue that should be evaluated on a regular basis by any establishment serving food or drinks. Health departments in all localities are keen to certain restaurants failing in maintaining a strict minimum level of cleanliness. Cleanliness is a component of premises liability that many patrons do […]

Rhode Island carbon monoxide wrongful death attorney

Whether you are at home, at work, or even in your car, carbon monoxide can strike, leaving death and permanent devastation in its wake. Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas that is both colorless and odorless. It is produced any time you burn fuel. This fuel may power common possessions such as your household kitchen […]

Types of premises liability accidents in Rhode Island

If someone suffers a major injury caused by unsafe conditions on a commercial or residential property in Rhode Island, the property owner can possibly be sued for damages. Many situations can fall under the category of premises liability, and courts have to look at whether or not there was any negligence on the part of […]

Inadequate Lighting Accidents : RI Inadequate Lighting Accident LAWYER

Owning or maintaining a property in Rhode Island brings with it heavy responsibilities to make sure the area remains free of hazards. Individuals in charge of the property in Providence, Warwick and Woonsoket must take reasonable measures to keep a premises well lit to ensure the public’s safety and minimize any potential risk. Replacing a […]

When Commercial Property Defects Cause Accidents in RI

To ensure public safety in the community, property owners, developers and contractors must follow strict industry building codes regulating the construction and maintenance of a building. Commercial structures built from a poor design or with substandard construction cannot only produce significant financial losses for the owners, but can cause serious injuries or death to the […]

Personal Injury from Falling Merchandise or Equipment in RI

Many retail establishments, department stores and wholesale outlets in Rhode island and Providence Plantations store merchandise and equipment above eye level on the sales floor. This provides less expensive and more efficient storage than housing the goods and equipment off-site at a facility. Unfortunately, precariously stacking merchandise high above the floor can cause personal injuries […]

10 Common Types of Premises Liability Accidents in RI

Premises liability in Rhode Island refers to laws holding property owners, tenants and occupants legally responsible for any accident that happens on the property because of an unsafe condition. However, premises liability laws are complicated and challenging to litigate. Because of that, victims suffering damages in an accident on another’s property are encouraged to speak […]

Premises Liability Accident at a Residential Home in Rhode Island

Thousands of individuals in the United States suffer serious injuries in a  residential home every year in preventable accidents that occur in their residential houses. Many of these accidents involve slip and fall incidences that cause severe to mild injuries. In fact, falling in the house is a cause of unintentional injury deaths in the […]

Accidents Occurring at a Lake, Pond or River in RI

During the warm months of the year, many individuals in Rhode Island and Providence Plantations are outdoors enjoying water recreational activities including fishing, boating and swimming. Sadly there are many serious accidents  causing injuries at a lake, rivers, ponds and the ocean in Rhode Island If you were injured in an accident in Rhode Island […]

RI Injury Attorneys: Shopping Mall Accident Compensation

Shopping malls are always a busy place especially during the holiday season with many shoppers filling the parking lots, food court and retail shops. Because of the hustle and bustle, confusion and tight spaces, shopping malls are often the place where accidents  in Rhode island occur both inside and outside the establishment. Numerous shopping-related accidents […]