Rhode Island construction accident lawyer

Construction work is one of the riskiest out there. There are hundreds of fatalities every year due to on-site construction mishaps and thousands more that result in some form of bodily injury. These professionals are surrounded by machinery, power tools, hazardous materials and more. And no matter how responsible management is implementing safety measures, something […]

Rhode Island construction accident attorney | RI injury lawyer

Every year, hundreds of Rhode Island construction workers are injured in construction site accidents in Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. Sadly many of these construction site mishaps were preventable and were caused by the negligence, carelessness and malfeasance of construction site managers and general contractors.  RI personal injury attorney, David Slepkow,  firmly believes that most […]

Construction Fall Accident in Rhode Island | RI Injury Attorney

Construction falls from scaffolds, ladders, lifts and roofs are one of the most common causes of construction death and injuries in Rhode Island, Massachusetts (MA) and across the United States. Sadly these disasters are often deadly because they occur when a construction worker falls from dangerous high heights. Insufficient fall protection Anytime a construction worker […]

RI Construction Site Accident Attorney | Personal Injury

Construction equipment mishaps, construction accidents and crane accidents in Rhode Island are inevitable. These industrial accidents often result from the negligence, malfeasance and carelessness of workers, construction site managers, general contractors and subcontractors. With increased urban development and construction in Rhode Island and across the United States, sadly we see increasing frequency of crane collapses and […]

Construction Accident Attorney Rhode Island RI

A Good Rhode Island construction accident attorney will know how to locate potential parties who are liable and apportion proper responsibility for the mishap. Understanding the hierarchy of construction projects will help Rhode Island construction accident lawyers determine who is liable for a construction accident in the Ocean State. Construction accident attorney Of course, there […]

Industrial Forklift Truck Accidents in RI- Negligent Repair

In Rhode Island (RI), Massachusetts (MA) and across the United States there are many instances of forklifts, lift trucks or other industrial trucks malfunctioning. When these industrial trucks malfunction or are not operating properly, a technician or repairman is usually contacted to examine service and repair the alleged faulty and perhaps dangerous Forklift. A Forklift accident can cause serious […]