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Beware of a slick television advertisement -usually “settlement mills”

Do not select a personal injury lawyer solely based on a slick and expensive television advertisement.  Providence personal injury attorneys and RI attorneys who are television promoters and TV personalities are often the leader  of  “personal  injury settlement mills.” A personal injury law firm mill in RI will quickly process car accident and injury causes of action often to the detriment of their clients.

 AVOID: RI injury settlement mills

Rhode Island spinal injury attorneyThese  law firm are often known to take 50 cents on the dollar from the insurance company so they can move on to the next case. For these  shady law firms, a case is just another product on the conveyor belt. When the insurance company refuses to play ball with the settlement mill and settle the claim quickly, these Rhode Island personal injury lawyers run for the hills and dump the case on another unsuspecting top RI injury attorney.

These settlement mill attorneys are afraid to take the insurance company to the woodshed and go to trial. They have no car accident and injury trial experience and just want to move cases as quickly as possible to make a quick buck.

What is an injury law firm “settlement mill”

“A settlement mill is a law firm that handles a high volume of cases, usually specializing exclusively in a certain niche like car accident cases. These law firms, relying mainly on paralegals and administrative assistants, settle an astounding number of cases. In short, they focus on quantity and not quality. They aren’t interested in trying cases because, with the volume of cases that they have, there’s just no time for jury trials.” Why You Should Steer Clear Of A “Settlement Mill” If You Have A Serious Car Accident Case And Tips On How To Spot One Boston car accident lawyers at  The Law Office of Alan H. Crede, P.C. 

According to Dolman Law Group, ” A personal injury settlement mill is a high volume law practice that attempts to mass produce the settlement of injury claims while utilizing aggressive advertising campaigns in an effort to obtain clients. Settlement mills litigate a disproportionate amount of their cases and take very few cases to trial.”

Beware of the Bait and switch

Some settlement mill injury lawyers will say whatever needs to be said in order to secure an injured car accident victim. The unscrupulous RI car accident mill lawyer will tell the injured victim what he or she want to hear regardless of the truth. Once the auto crash victim has signed on the dotted line, the injury lawyer will reset expectations and pressure the victim to settle quickly.

Why insurance companies prefer law firm settlement mills?

An insurance adjuster gleefully smirks as another phone call comes in from a television advertising injury law firm settlement mill.  Make no mistake, big insurance is a bottom line business in which insurance companies profit if they can settle legitimate claims for peanuts. Since litigating a case is expensive, insurance adjusters would rather throw a pennies on the dollar settlement to their ‘frenemies’ at the settlement mill then litigate the claim. This is a win-win for the insurance company and for the settlement mill law firm. The real loser is the client who just got their lunch money stolen.

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