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Aging road users and accidents In Rhode Island

Car accidents are a fact of life, occurring every day without warning. While anyone can be involved in a car accident, the odds increase as we age. The Center For Disease Control or CDC, in 2014  determined that 5,700 older adults were killed and over 200,000 were treated in emergency rooms across the United States after car accidents. Because these numbers are high, many states have began tracking accident statistics in various age groups. Below is an overview of Rhode Island’s aging road and accident statistics.

Accidents In The U.S. Involving Aging Drivers


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In the United States, millions of aging drivers and senior citizens navigate the highways in an effort to arrive at their destination. Unfortunately, accidents in this age group are high. Fatal crashes statistics in the United States are as follows:

  • 2,614 In 2010
  • 2,457 In 2011
  • 2,470 In 2012
  • 2,500 In 2013

Fatal Accidents In The United States In Aging Drivers

Fatal accidents in the U.S. among drivers ages 75  (the elderly) and older are:

  • 2,129 In 2010
  • 2,012 In 2011
  • 1,988 In 2012
  • 2,005 In 2013

Accidents In Rhode Island Involving Aging Drivers

Below are the accident statistics for the state of Rhode Island, taken among drivers ages 75 and older who were killed in fatal crashes:

  • 4 In 2010
  • 5 In 2011
  • 5 In 2012
  • 11 In 2013

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Risk Groups

The risk of fatal accidents begin to rise among drivers who are between the ages of 70 and 74, states the Center For Disease Control or CDC. The highest number of fatal car crashes are in people over 85 years of age. It is believed to be due to the increased risk of medical complications in those over 85 years old, which often occur while driving. No matter which age group was studied, men are more likely to die as a result of a car accident than females, and the aging driver group is no exception.

Aging drivers have the lowest risk of any age group for driving while intoxicated. In addition, these drivers also tend to drive when conditions are safest for them and often avoid driving late at night, during foul weather or at high rates of speed.

Prevention is the key to reducing the number of fatal and serious car accidents among the elderly. Older drivers in the United States. Aging drivers  and senior citizens now have more options available to them such as Lyft or Uber, if they feel they should not drive.

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