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RI Accident and Injury FAQs

If you are involved in an accident in Rhode Island ( an RI accident), you first responsibility is to stay at the scene of the accident. If there are other people involved and you are able to, you should collect all the pertinent data from all other parties involved. This includes names, addresses, telephone number, and insurance information. You should also make sure you are treated for any injuries you may have sustained even if they are minor.

What do I do if I am injured in a RI accident, automobile accident in Rhode Island?

You should check for witnesses and obtain their contact information. This should not only include addresses and phone numbers, but check if any witnesses had a camera or even a cell phone camera to record the accident site. Take pictures of your vehicle and other vehicles involved, and the surrounding area included marks on the payment and the surrounding area. You should also take photographs of any visible injuries or bruises as a result of the accident. You should also consult a lawyer before making any statements to an insurance adjust.

How Much Money Will I Get After A RI Car Accident?

If you have been in a car accident in Rhode Island you might need some monetary support in order to get through the next few months or possibly the rest of your life depending on the extent of your injury. If you have been in a car accident then you need to seek out help from a Rhode Island car accident attorney that will use multiple factors in order to determine how much money you are entitled to.

Some of the factors that they will use to judge what to fight for in court include scarring or physical disfigurement, how much pain and suffering your injury has caused, any lost time at work resulting in lost wages, potential permanency of injury, and potential loss of future income. It is actually a very complicated figure to calculate, but trained accident attorneys have it down to an art. One of the most important factors that will help determine any car accident case will always be the final amount of all medical bills that were incurred as a result of the accident.

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Does Rhode Island have a statute of limitations for personal injury cases?

Like every other state, Rhode Island does indeed have a legal rule or statute of limitations and a lawsuit pertaining to this set of circumstances must be filed within three years or else a party will never be allowed to pursue this action at any future date. The statue begins to apply in the date of the accident.  The Statute of Limitations is usually fairly clear cut in more common personal injury cases such as slip and falls and car accidents, but can be altered if the incident occurred some time prior to the initial discovery like in medical malpractice cases where the patients may not realize the damages until long after the treatment plans commenced. Also, if a personal injury case is filed against a city, town or government institution, there is a very specific, stringent protocol that must be followed in order for the case to proceed.

What should I do if I’m injured in a car accident?

Stop immediately and call the police. Try to get the other party’s personal and insurance information. You should also quickly seek treatment for any injuries you’ve sustained. If possible, photograph the accident scene and your injuries. It’s not recommended that you talk to an insurance adjuster without first consulting a Rhode Island personal injury lawyer.

How will I know what reimbursements I’m entitled to?

Your attorney will analyze a number of factors such as pain and suffering, medical bills, lost wages and whether there is any permanent damage or disability.

Is there a statute of limitations on personal injury in the state of Rhode Island?

Rhode Island’s statute of limitations on personal injury is three years. You have this long to file a lawsuit and seek compensation. Should you fail to file your suit by the three year mark, you will no longer be legally justified in seeking reimbursement for an incident. If your personal injury came as a result of the town or city, there are strict criteria for notifying them.

If the accident was the other person’s fault and they’re uninsured, what happens?

You still reserve the right to file a lawsuit against the uninsured party. However, keep in mind that the uninsured party may be financially incapable of paying you restitution. If your insurance policy covered you against uninsured or insufficiently insured drivers, you can still file the suit against the company for compensation.

What if I were the victim of a hit and run accident in Rhode Island?

Having uninsured driver protection usually means that you can still file a claim against your own insurance company. To be certain what your rights are in this situation, please contact a Rhode Island personal injury lawyer.

How should I begin the recovery process if I am a victim of an accident involving a hit and run motorist?

The first step is to check into the coverage you have associated with your insurance policy. If you have a uninsured motorist coverage on your policy, you may be able to make a claim with your own insurance carrier.  Although the other motorist was negligent, the uninsured motorist coverage will entitle the holder to compensation in the case of a hit and run accident.

Another great step on the road to recovery from your damages is to consult with a professional when it comes to hit and run claims. In Rhode Island, Personal Injury Attorney David Stepkow is a  injury and accident attorney that has been serving Rhode Island for over 16 years. David can be contacted at 401-437-1100, for a free case evaluation.

What towns and cities will RI Attorney David Slepkow provide representation? David helps clients in cases throughout Rhode Island including Providence, Pawtucket, Barrington, Bristol, Warren, Cranston, Warwick, Newport, Bristol, North Providence, East Providence, East Greenwich, Woonsocket.

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