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Types of slip and fall at restaurants RI & premises liability accident

Premises liability for restaurants is a very serious operational issue that should be evaluated on a regular basis by any establishment serving food or drinks. Health departments in all localities are keen to certain restaurants failing in maintaining a strict minimum level of cleanliness.

Personal Injury in rhode islandCleanliness is a component of premises liability that many patrons do not always recognize. These health department inspections also produce documentation that can be used when restaurant patrons become ill after eating at any particular restaurant.

Restaurants are also liable for the behavior of the staff, including injuries to customers by security workers in forcing a patron to leave a bar. In addition, employees such as delivery drivers who use personal vehicles to perform a restaurant service can also present liability issues for the business. The result is that there are significant instances in the restaurant industry when customers and employees can be injured and establish standing to file a legal claim.

Facility Maintenance

Spillage is a very common problem in a restaurant. All restaurants should be focused on keeping dry walkways and clean dining areas because accidents can happen quickly in close quarters. Any mopped walking surface should be blocked until the floor can dry, and failure to do so could be considered negligent by a court. Sometimes even the seating design can contribute to an accident in high traffic restaurants.

Employee and Customer Behavior

While this concern is normally limited to restaurants that serve alcohol, disputes can arise quickly regardless of a location. Injuries caused by an employee are obviously a premises liability issue for a restaurant. Customers who attack other patrons or employees can also establish standing for a personal injury claim by the victim. Many restaurants serve drinkers beyond intoxication levels, and both the establishment and the bartenders along with security workers can be held liable for injuries also.

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Food Poisoning

Food poisoning is also included in premise liability cases obviously stemming from the serving of tainted food products. Many times the issue is a bad ingredient in any particular food item, but can also include water contamination or failure to maintain a clean environment within local health department guidelines. These records can prove vital to a claim just as the number of restaurants goers who are affected by the particular tainted food source.

It is important for anyone injured in a restaurant to consult with a Rhode Island personal injury attorney following an accident or altercation, as there are several potential legal issues for restaurant operators that may not apply to other businesses. These claims are always defended vigorously and personal assumption of risk or comparative negligence can further complicate the case when attempting to recover financial damages.

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