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Christmas party drunk driving accident injury lawyer in Rhode Island

The Christmas season is always a time for celebration, and often those celebrations are associated with Christmas parties sponsored by various groups. Employer Christmas parties are probably the most notable of these. Private Christmas parties fall under the same laws regarding liability as any other social host laws or dram shop laws. Sadly, some Christmas parties end badly when someone drinks too much and injures another motorist in a car accident.

Social host liability in RI

Rhode Island bars liability with intoxicated patrons who cause car accident

RI social host drunk driving accident liability injury lawyers

Motorist who drink and drive are not the only ones who can be held liable for a RI drunk driving car accident. When someone attends a party is involved in an automobile accident following the party and someone is injured, the party host and or server could be held liable. Regardless of the seriousness of the injuries or intoxication level of a drunk driver, the individual or group hosting the party can be held liable as a co-defendant. An experienced RI personal injury and auto accident attorney can reasonably establish how much alcohol the tortfeasor consumed and whether the servers knowingly, recklessly or negligently served an obviously buzzed, intoxicated or wasted guest. In some instances, the primary defendant was actually consuming alcohol provided by the host, often with no bartender or oversight personnel.

Private Individual Christmas Parties

While most “in house” Christmas parties are conducted reasonably and responsibly with respect to drinking and driving, there are also instances when illegal activity is involved. These irresponsible parties are also common for teens whose parents allow underage drinking in their home with no real chaperones in place. This means that a potential scenario for a serious accident is clearly in place, especially when a teen driver with little experience gets behind the wheel of a vehicle after consuming any amount of alcohol.

Underage drivers who are involved in an accident while drinking  can be liable for damages of any inured victims. The adults who hold these parties are just as liable as business owners who serve alcohol. Often punitive damages or even criminal charges are a result of a  Rhode Island car crash involving an underage driver who has been drinking at their home.

Restaurants and Bars

Many Christmas parties are also held in certain business establishments, country clubs, hotels, bars, taverns, VFW establishments and restaurants because of the services provided by these establishments. The liability laws that apply to restaurants and bars in the normal course of business still apply. The bars or establishments can be held responsible when an accident occurs following the party involving an attendee who drove their vehicle after consuming alcohol at the party.

Servers and Waitresses

Even the bartenders and waitresses at a Christmas party could potentially be liable as well as the party sponsors. Liability could attach if a server or bartender did not identify an intoxicated customer and continued to serve them despite the fact that they were drunk as a skunk. Forcing an intoxicated attendee or customer to leave the establishment can be problematic too, especially if they drive away from the venue.

Rhode Island personal injury lawyers

An experienced auto accident attorney in Rhode Island or a Providence car wreck lawyer will always investigation an accident injury case for all of those who may be responsible. RI social host liability accident attorneys will pinpoint any  liable deep pocket tortfeasors and pursue necessary legal action. Anyone injured in an accident during the Christmas season should always consult with a a Rhode Island personal injury attorney or RI personal injury lawyer before beginning a claim.

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