Multi car accidents winter weather- Rhode Island

Multi-Car Accidents Winter Weather  or  Winter Weather is Often Responsible for Multi-Car Accidents  in Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. Many factors can cause vehicle  and trucking collisions. Travel speeds, inexperienced drivers, and distracted drivers ( texting while driving) are some of the reasons for  vehicular wrecks. When it comes to multi-car collisions, one of the […]

Rhode Island car accident attorney | rear-end motor vehicle accident

As more vehicles are on the road today, more accidents have been the result. One of the most common is rear-end collisions, which account for almost 29 percent of all motor vehicle crashes. Based on data from the Federal Highway Administration, most of these accidents occur when the car in front is driving as much […]

14 rear-end motor vehicle accident stats

Rear-end car accidents in Rhode Island can be especially harmful due to the direct impact to the vehicle involved with such collisions. Injuries and damage to vehicles can range from minor to extensive depending on the force of the impact. Consider the following stats: There are approximately 2 million rear-end accidents each year in the United States, […]

Tailgating and rear-end car accident in Rhode Island

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration is making its case for forward collision avoidance systems, and there’s a good reason for it. The agency reports that about 28 percent of all motor vehicle collisions involve rear-end accidents. To put that number in perspective, about 23 percent of all crashes involve drivers losing control of their […]

Victim demands 1M, gets peanuts ($4500) in rear end car crash verdict

Plaintiff sought damages of over $1,000,0000 in a garden variety Rhode Island Car Accident ‘whiplash’ rear-ender, but was awarded $4500 by a penny pinching jury. The trier of fact only awarded $165 for medical bill reimbursement despite the fact that testimony in the negligence cause of action was that medical treatment for the injuries amounted […]