Rhode Island parking lot accident attorney | Providence area Injury lawyer

Thousand of individuals in the United States and in Rhode Island and Providence Plantation are injured or killed each year in accidents occurring at parking lots. Sadly a decent percent of these mishaps result from  careless, negligence or even in some instances intentional acts. Many of these parking lot or parking garage incidents occur when […]

Pedestrian accidents in winter weather, snowstorms

When we think of pedestrian accidents in winter weather, we typically think of slipping and falling on snow and ice. Don’t forget about pedestrian accidents involving motorists too. Motorists need to take extra care and caution during winter weather. Shorter days, darkness, decreased visibility and snow storms increase the likelihood of a car, truck or […]

Pedestrian accident attorney ri | Texting & walking accident

Statistics obtained from emergency rooms indicate that texting while walking accidents are on the rise in Rhode Island and Across the United States. For a decade or more, texting while driving was known to be highly dangerous behavior that could cause accidents with serious injuries and deaths. However, in recent years, texting while walking has […]

Injury Lawyer RI: Common Pedestrian Accidents with Vehicles

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in injury claims and wrongful death lawsuits concerning pedestrians hit by motor vehicles such as trucks, cars, motorcycles and vans. In many cases, the pedestrian accident in Rhode island and across the nation occurred because of driver negligence when the motorist did not take necessary precautions. […]

RI Pedestrian Accident Attorney | Types of Pedestrian Mishaps

The vast majority of pedestrian accidents in Rhode Island and Providence Plantations and Massachusetts happen in crosswalks, at intersections, on city streets and sidewalks, at gas stations and parking lots. Pedestrians are hit by a variety of vehicles including passenger cars, delivery trucks, semi-tractor trailers, motorcycles and bicycles. In many incidences in RI, the pedestrian […]